Top 10 Tips for Organising a Vegan Wedding
Posted by Becky Jones on 18th May 2017​​

Your guide to planning the perfect vegan wedding! As featured in Vegan Food & Living Magazine.

​1. Catering – One of the most important aspects of planning a vegan wedding is to get the food right. You want to wow your guests (many of whom will have preconceived ideas of what vegan food is like) and show them how incredible and delicious vegan food is. Before meeting with your caterers make sure you do some research and have ideas you can suggest for the menu, and do not settle for stuffed peppers!

2. Clothing – Most vegan brides and grooms know to watch out for and avoid clothing that contains silk, wool, leather etc. When trying on outfits check the labels first so you don’t fall in love with something that contains animal products before you realise! Another idea is to buy a second-hand wedding dress or suit, which is better for the environment and would count as your ‘something old’!

3. Hair and Makeup – Try to find hair and makeup artists who use cruelty-free and vegan products. If you can’t find anyone who uses exclusively vegan products then ask if they would be happy to use products that you supply. It’s a great opportunity to show how easy it is to create a beautiful look that’s cruelty-free.

4. Favours – Not everyone gives wedding favours, but if you decide to treat your guests there are lots of vegan-friendly options, such as soy candles, handmade bath bombs, soaps, cake jars, chocolates and sweets. One of my favourite ideas is small envelopes containing seeds which your guests can sprinkle in their gardens to attract bees and other wildlife.

5. Gifts – It is very common nowadays for couples to ask for money as a wedding gift rather than having a traditional gift-list. If your guests would like to give you money, then why not put it towards a honeymoon to a vegan-friendly city like Berlin or Barcelona?

6. Flowers – If you opt for real flowers at your wedding then try to make sure they’re Fairtrade. Rather than having cut flowers, a lovely idea for centre pieces is to have potted plants. Then at the end of the day either you or your guests could take them home to enjoy. If you choose to buy artificial flowers be careful to avoid ones that contain silk.

7. Jewellery – Choosing vegan-friendly jewellery to go with your dress is easy as long as you avoid real pearls. When looking for your wedding rings try to go with a company that uses ethically sourced diamonds and fairly traded gold or silver.

8. The Wedding Cake – There are many exclusively vegan bakers around the UK offering wedding cakes. Meet your cake maker to taste different flavours and take pictures with you of the design you would like. If you can’t find a totally vegan bakery then go with a baker who offers a vegan option. Most know there is now a demand and so offer egg and dairy-free cakes.

9. Drinks – Remember that many wines and beers aren’t suitable for vegans due to manufacturing processes. Use to check which drinks are vegan-friendly.

10. Remember this is your wedding! Your wedding day is about you as a couple, and it is the one day you are allowed to have things just the way you want. Being vegan is about living your life in the most compassionate and ethical way you can, so of course you will want your wedding day to reflect that. Your guests should respect your choices, and if you think there’s anyone who will make a fuss about attending a vegan wedding, then just don’t mention the v-word!